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This is a logo for a bubblegum 

Nguya means to chew in English 

The Nguya typeface was made to look like a bubblegum and the lines around the letters is for it to look like what it sounds like.

For my MGRAPH3 class we were tasked to make branding and packaging for a 5mm round bubblegum.

We came up with Nguya, the commuter’s everyday bubblegum

I designed it with a pop art inspired packaging for it to be eye catching but also familiar looking for the commuters.

We have 4 flavors for the Nguya bubblegum

Cherry | Kalesa Seresa
Melon | Motor Melon
Mint | Mintney Jeepney
Berry | Berrycab

My group came up with catchy alliteration names for each flavor to relate it to the common transportation vehicles in Manila.

It’s packed in a box because it has a surprise inside for the long, tiring, traffic and boring commutes–a tiny crossword puzzle placed inside the packaging about interesting facts of old Manila.